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Sai in Phuket
HI! I am Sai a 24 year old single Thai Girl that comes from Buriram but I live in Phuket now. I work in a Small Hotel and I am like the one that take care of the in checking to the hotel.

I take care of the over guests that come to us. So they can have a great holiday in Phuket and to see that the can have the best holiday of their life.

I love Phuket is the best place on earth a small paradise, many people come to Phuket some want to marry and some looking for love other want to be on the beach and eat the best food in the world that is Thai Food.

I see many happy Thai Girls that come and live in over hotel with their boyfriends or husbands that the meet in Phuket or Patong.

I know that is life for many Thai Girls they come and looking for love, Most Thai Girls come from Eastern Thailand. Some find love and happiness and love, some go back home after a short time and some stay to make a new life.

I find one Thai Girl that talks good about and she meets her farang they have a small business in Phuket and a good life.

So I was thinking can be a good place to start to look for love. I am a Thai Girl that not likes the party and nightlife but it happens that I go out with some friends from time to time.

I love the Beach, the sun and I love nature is why I love Phuket and is why I love life in Phuket. So if you want to meet a good Thai Girl that lives in Phuket send me a mail and maybe you want to meet me in Phuket. Hug Sai

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