Tanzanian Girl – Ami

Hi! Guys, I am a Tanzanian Girl that is looking for an American Boyfriend or European Boyfriend. I am a Tanzanian Girl and my name is Ami.

I think is a bit crazy I been looking for an African Dating site. And I find Single Girls Cupid and also, they BANNER AND DATING SITES where I find a list of Dating site.

I have been looking at the African introduction but Also the International Cupid. I don’t know what is best of all these 3 dating sites but I am here today.

But now to me and my crazy dream to move to the other country for true love. My dream to find love and a boyfriend and maybe find love.

So, I am a good African Girl and I love Garden and grow flowers and vegetables that I can cook for friends and family that come home to me.

I looking for a great man that will make me happy and that can make me smile. I also want to meet a man that makes me feel safe and secure.

Also, a man that is fun and like to meet new people. Also, I hope to love to eat African food and try new things that you never try before.

So, I don’t know what will happen after they put my story online. But I hope you will read it and maybe send me a mail I will wait for fore you. Hug Ami

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