Tanzania Girl – Ada

HI! I am a Tanzanian Girl that looking for a European Husband. This is a new dating site for me. I hope it works so I can find love.

So, I am a Tanzanian Girl that was a Teacher in a local school. But when I move to the big city I find a company that hired me.

So, Now I work as a trainer on a computer system that my company has. It’s fun and it gives me a good salary but some time I miss my students.

I can talk English and I am ok in German too. I can talk German but you must talk a bit slow and I understand more.

Also, I love to cook food and I love to travel I been to Germany where I have a Sister. She lives in Berlin with her Husband.

So, It’s why I can talk German. I love Europe and I am open to another country. I try to learn some Frace too is hard I think.

But now you know a bit about me. So, now about you! You can be a bit older and I hope you are romantic I love flower and wine.

It’s was my first time in Germany I drink some white wine I think it was Riesling. I love that wine is was good and I still have a bottle home.

So, Can you be romantic? If you say YES I think you can send me a message and we can talk about life and the future. Hug Ada

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