South African Girls – Jess

Hello! My name is Jess and is a 22-year-old South African Girl living in Johannesburg. I am a happy South African Girl who works in this large shopping center offers everything from Cinemas to lingerie; it is a paradise for those who want to shop here in Johannesburg.

I work in an office which is located high above all the shops located in this shopping center. I work with marketing for our shopping center and spend a lot of time talking to our customers to ask what I think, and in case it lacks any type of store and lots of other things we want to know.

I like my job but in my spare time, I like to go to the movies. Film to be seen at the cinema, I think, there is nothing that is better and I go as often as I can. I am from Durban but after my training so where I left here that I got a job offer that I could not say no to, so I each left here in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg is a wonderful city to live in but I would love to meet a man who wants to live with me. I am looking for a kind man who is looking for a South African Girlfriend. I do not have much free time here in Johannesburg, but when I lived in Durban.

So I like about being on Durban’s beaches and I have an uncle who has a fishing boat that I usually went with on the Sea. I hope to one day be able to settle in Durban and open an advertising agency. I dream of being able to work in Durban.

I want to work with marketing locally and also throughout South Africa and if I get really good over the values are given on the internet that provides such opportunities exist.

I have read a bit about it and I have already used my skills at my job so I know I can and I have received good feedback from my bosses at my job. Yeah see that I talk too much work ha ha ha, but I hope you write to me, Big Hug Jess

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