South African Girls – Adisa

Adisa in Cape Town
Hello! My name is Adisa and lives in South Africa. I live in Cape Town and I have a company that works with accounting and financial advice here in South Africa.

I am a happy African Girl who likes to walk on the beach and being with my friends. I like sports and I like to dive. I like to travel so I’ve done a lot.

I write this because I thought that maybe there is someone who wants to meet a kind and happy African Girl. I hope with a little luck maybe I can meet someone who would like to discover the wonderful country I live in..

And then we will see where love takes us. You may want us to live in your home country it is ok for me. If you want to create a life here.

I’ll help you be happy and love begins to grow so I become like your Girlfriend and maybe your wife when the time comes. Hug Adisa

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