Souht African Girls – Mosa

Mosa a African Girl (Small)
HI! I am Mosa I am a South Africa Girl that live on a big Coconut farm her in South Africa. My family starts this farm and we grow every year. I live her whit my family and my 4 sisters.

I was out on the internet when I find I see many Girls try the luck on this website so I was thinking I like to try to see what happens if I can find a good man that wants to meet me.

I love to travel and I love to paint. Sometimes I go out on the farm and sit down and paint and if I am lucky I can find some bird or another animal that I can do a painting of.

The life on a farm is sometimes slow but some time is much to do. I love to travel and maybe I can do that if I am lucky and meet a man that lives in a country like in Europe, American or Australian man.

I don’t know what will happen or where the lord what to send me into the world. But I know you are waiting for me and I am waiting for you so send me a mail and we see what happen.

Yes, I am a Christina Girl I hope that is ok with you too. I love to go to church and likes to sing in our church choir. I hope you do to love the lord is one of the parts that is important when I find bf so you know. Big Hug Mosa

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