Senegal Girls – Dayo

Dayo a Senegal Girl
HI! My name is Dayo and I Live in Gambia I work in a small hotel in Gambia but I come from Dakar in Senegal. My family live in Senegal but I find a good work in Gambia so I go to Gambia.

I like the life here in the Gambia and I like the beach and I go to the beach every morning for 1 to 2 hovers. I been in the Gambia for 3 years and now I think is time to try to find a good man and I was thinking about

I find this website last month and bin looking at other African Girls that put ads on this web sites. I work in a small Guesthouse whit a small bar in the front.

I work for an English man that live in the Gambia. I like my life but I want to find a man from Europe to get married to. I want a European boyfriend.

I hope someone sees this story and want to send me a mail and I hope we can start to talk on Skype. I hope you want to come and see me later in Dakar or in the Gambia.

So you can go with me on the Beach and we can see the sun go up or we can go to the beach on the night and start a small fire and watch the stars together.

We can talk all night and if we are lucky we get a memory for life. I hope you and me can talk for the first time sone. Send me a mail tonight I wait for you. You’re Dayo

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