Senegal Girl – Nabou

HI! I am a Single Senegal Girl And I looking for a future Boyfriend. I have Been looking on this web site for havesome time.

But I ready to try it. So, Guys, I see it been a change and I love it. I am Nabou a single African Girl that is fun and I talk a lot.

I love cooking and I am one of 7 sisters that still live in Senegal. We are a big family I have a brother in London that is married to an English Lady.

I been thinking on my brother is crazy. But if my brother can do internet dating I can too. It’s must be a single guy that looking for love.

I Can talk French and English so you know. So, Guys If you live in a country that talks English or French I will love to talk to you.

I am so new on this dating and Internet. Also, I really hope you forgive me if I do something wrong I am so new on Dating.

Therefore, I hope you have a big heart. I need a man like that. A man that loves to hug me and say that my food is Good and give me that look of love.

So, I am a bit crazy but I really hoabout that I can find a man that loves to travel and love to get down to the earth and to really that to new people.

Africa is not only bad we have great people, good food, a lot of love and is fun to travel around in Africa. yes, i know we have some wars and one or 2 bad guys too.

But I like to think on the good parts of Afrika. So, Do you want me? Do you want to hug me and say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH? contact me HUg Nabou

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