Kenyan Girls – Nuru

Hi! I am single Kenyan Girl and I looking for a man that wants to marry me in the end. I hope I can find a European man or an American guy black or white.

My dream is to find a gentleman and when the time is right, I like to have a small family. It’s my first time I try an online dating site.

I was on the way to try Kenyan cupid when I see this website on google and I see other Kenyan Girls try to find love and a Boyfriend on this website.

I hope I can be the one that is lucky and find a kind and good-hearted man. I am just a single Kenyan Girl that works in a local school as a Teacher.

It’s good to work for me and I love my children that I try to give as much as I can. Is an important work but I most start to think about myself?

Most of all maybe I can find an older man that wants to move to Kenya to start a new life. I have all here a small house and a small car old but working.

Maybe you like to come and meet me. So, send me a message my name is Nuru so you know. Big Hug forms me to see you soon.

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