Kenyan Girls – Kanika

Hello! My name is Kanika and is a 25 year old Kenyan Girl from Kenya in Africa I live in Mombasa and has a small business selling clothes to tourists.

It’s a fun job because I enjoy meeting new people and I like to talk English. I usually sit and surf the internet with my new computer that I bought and I find and thought it was sad that there were no Girls from Africa with among all the other beautiful Single Girls.

I am a Christian Kenyan Singles Girl who would love to meet a Christian single guy from Europe or the U.S. I sing in our church choir and I love going to church. When I am not in church, I usually spend time with my Kenyan friends and take care of my little house that I got for Grandma.

I do not lack anything in my life except for a man to share my life and my future and I hope that you who read this may think I am worth to start talking to. I am not looking for a rich man,

for I have seen so many who have gone that way and it has only ended in disaster. I now pray to God that He in His mercy sends me the man whom he has a plan for me in his mind. Hug Kanika Kenya

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