Kenyan Girls – Kanika

Hi! I am Kanika a Kenyan Girl I live in a small fishing village close to the Beach I live about 200 meter from the beach. I just move back from a big city where I study to be a Teacher.

I will start to work in my village school not long away from my home. Is a longtime dream to be a teacher in a school but I like to find love and an older guy that want to marry a young Kenyan Girl and move to Kenya.

I understand we both need to meet and see if we can see a future together. I hope you are a retiree or have some other way to live in Kenya without thinking of money all the time.

I never care about money but we cannot only live on my salary. We have 3 – 4 guys from Europe and America living in my village so you will not be lonely.

They are nice guys 3 are retiree and one work on an Oil rig. My best friend is married to one so I know is not all ways easy to live together. Hug Kanika

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