Kenyan Girls – Huso

Hi! I am a single Kenyan Girl. I am just going around on the internet and I find this dating site and I say so myself.

Yes, I like it and I hope I will be the lucky girl and find love and a husband soon. So, let us start with me, as your Girlfriend you will get me.

I hope I have a dream body for you. But now to the real me. I am a fun happy Kenyan Girl I love to sing, and I Love to have my friends over and just talk and eat.

I and my family are always together, and we always come together in the morning to start the day in the best way.

I just live in a small house next door and it has 2 room and a big kitchen. The man I am looking for I thinks it can be an American man that I like to have as my Husband.

I hope you are a man with a good heart and a bit of fun. I hope you are a Christian man and you go to church and believe in God. Come and talk to me. Hug Huso

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