Kenyan Girls – Ayoo

Ayoo a Kenyan Girls
HI! I am a Kenyan Girl that lives in Nairobi. I am a Kenyan Girl that works in a small hair salon is a great work for me. I meet many people and one of the Kenyan Girls tells me about

She was waiting for Ben an American man that she starts to talk to and now he was on the way to Kenya to meet her for a 3 weeks holiday to be with her.

She tells me they will travel and see Kenya and go to the Sea and the Beach he books some nice hotel for them. It was so romantic and I been dreaming for some weeks and now is time to send my story to

I am a young Happy Kenyan Girl that is like many Girls I love to cook Kenyan Food. I love to have my friends and family coming home to eat and have fun.

I love to sing and dance if so fun and I like to go to church. I hope I can find a good man that wants to come to meet me in Kenya.

Can think to live abroad but I want you to first come and meet me in Kenya so my family can see you and say, this man is good and the right man for me.

I hope you are about 30 -45 year old. Single and if I am lucky you are a Christian like me. Wait for your mail and photo. Hug Ayoo

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