Kenyan Girls – Akello

Hello! My name Akello and is 27 year old Kenyan Girl who works as a teacher in Nairobi. I have just found and thought I would try to meet anyone on this dating page.

I am looking for an honest and kind man who wants to meet and live with a single African Girl. I teach in a Kenyan school in Nairobi. I am a Christian Kenyan Girl who likes to go to My Kenyan church on Sundays and I usually sing in our choir as we have.

My parent lives in Mombasa and has a small hotel it goes well for them and sometimes I’m thinking about moving home to start teaching in a school in Mombasa.

But we’ll see what I should do in the future but I hope I can find a Western man who wants to live with me and I hope God hear my prayer in the night and gives me a kind and funny man I can love with all my heart. Hug Akello

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