Kenyan Girls – Akello

Hello! My name Akello and is a Single Kenyan Girl living in Nairobi. I work at a Kenyan company in Nairobi as a seller. I like my job but I recently been thinking about to start looking for a man. I heard about from a friend who meets her boyfriend in and she wanted me to write and send in my picture. I sit now at my job and write this my story. I have no computer but I can always sit after I have stopped working and have a chat with my friends.

I am an honest Kenyan Girl and I have well a little hard to write about myself. I am a Kenyan Girl who has never had a boyfriend. Well, I have had a boyfriend when I was very young Kenyan Girl The first love at school with a Kenyan boy who went to the same class but it’s so innocent love. Even if I was really sad when it ended and he was in with another Kenyan Girl in my school.

We have all experienced, and we can all remember those wonderful times in our lives. I come from a small village in eastern Kenya, which for many Kenyan Girls, where it Nairobi to find work and to help my parents financially. Now I have the money and I built a house for mom and dad. There is no luxury large house that foreign men do to their Kenyan Girlfriends.

It is a Kenyan house which I am proud of and where my parents live. I live in a small apartment with 4 other Kenyan Girls and I’m the one usually cook. I am he who is best at it says the second Kenyan Girls but I think it’s lazy Ha Ha Ha and then we share the cleaning and rent and everything else for us all to save money.

I am writing this because I want to meet you, A Single European man. I am looking for someone who is honest, kind and have a good Heart. I hope you write soon and please email and don’t forget a photo. Hug Akello

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