Kenyan Girls – Adin

Hello! My name is Adin and is a 27 year old Kenyan Girl who works at a large hotel and conference facility. My boss and I and my team of Kenyan Girls manage and plan every booking we get for our customers to be 100% satisfied. We have fun every day even if we work hard and our customers tend to come back year after year.

I love my job but it’s getting time to do anything else and above all to find a suitable man to marry. So why do I write this and I looking for someone who likes to work and likes to travel and see both your home country and Kenya as a place to live.

I would love to meet a kind man coming from Europe, the U.S. or Perhaps Sweden where I have a friend who lives in Stockholm. But it is not so important what is important is that you are honest and want to work for a good future with me.

I am a happy Kenyan Girl who likes to sing and act and I like to entertain people. I wanted to be an artist as a young man and traveled all over Kenya and sang until I could not cope anymore and I ask the hotel that I work now if it did not have any jobs? And the answer was no,

but with a little persuasion of top manager and when I tell you how he could get more customers by hiring me so he said ok you can try. We have a large customer who wants something new and entertaining for his staff.

I got two weeks for me to show what I could and there was so successful that I got a big bonus and a job. I come from Meru, where live my family but I have become a real Mombasa Girl. I have a house in Mombasa that I own and I share it with 3 other Kenyan Girls. I hope you will write to me. Hug Adin

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