Kenyan Girls – Aailyah

A Hot Sexy Single Kenyan Girl

Hello! My name Aaliyah and is a Single Kenyan Girl who lives in Nairobi. I work as a receptionist at a dental office here in Nairobi where I take the customers and do the times for the caller and need help. We have quite a lot of foreign customers who come here to fix their teeth. I like my job because I get to meet so many different people and I get to practice my English was not good when I start here a few years ago but now I think it’s pretty good.

Between customers, I get usually little time, and then I usually look around on the internet and it was so I find this Web page. I have wondered if I should dare to do a story and I finally sent my story that you see. I would like to meet a kind and cuddly man who likes to hug and cuddle.

I come from a Kenyan village outside the Aberdare National Park, where live my Kenyan family, we live far out in the country where we do not have electricity until about a year ago when we got the Solar panels it was my sister’s husband who bought it for himself and our Kenyan family because he wanted electricity to his own house he is building.

He bought Solar panels and pulled a cable between our and his house so we could get the electricity and then he bought a combined refrigerator and freezer to my mom and we got his old TV when he bought a new big TV into their new house.

My Kenyan sister lives with a man from the U.S. and I would love to meet an equally nice single man to share my life with. I am happy and many say funny Kenyan Girl, I do not know if it’s true but I love to joke and make fun of my Kenyan friends.

I’m not the one who likes to flirt with Kenyan guys, but usually just to be with my Kenyan friends when we ever go out on any Kenyan karaoke here in Nairobi. I like to cook and I like to go to the movies, which I do once a month. I love horror movies and zombie’s movies.

But there are drawbacks I have trouble sleeping now and usually get to go to my Kenyan cousin and sleep with her because I cannot sleep alone after a movie night with any hold on me. I hope you write to me and that soon we can meet. Big Hug Aaliyah

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