Kenyan Girl – Mukondi

HI! I am a Kenyan Girl that looking for love. My name is Mukondi and I am Kenyan Girl that looking for a really long time Relationship that end with us get married.

So, I am an active Kenyan Girl that travel a lot in my work. My job is like a selling staff and take care of older customers needs and sell new products.

We are an electronics factory and my boss is a Black American man. He is a nice man and I hope I can find a nice American man that want to have a Kenyan Girlfriend.

When I don’t work I love to spend my time on the beach and play with my sister’s Children. I love Children and to make a child happy is the best I know.

I love to look on Youtube and I love to learn new things. Also, I like to see on cooking or education clip and many think that you can see on Youtube

My dream is to find a good man that loves to be romantic and love to buy flowers and small things like that. A man that loves to eat good food.

But also love candles and a night home in front of the TV. I am a Kenyan Girl that love jokes and I love to be around people.

Also, I love to make my friends happy. Sometimes I do a small party for my friend and cook some food and something to drink.

I hope if you find my story good I hope that you try to contact me. I wish we can start to talk and start a new life. Hug Mukondi

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