Kenyan Girl – Gheche

HI! I am Gheche and I am Kenyan Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend and a Husband. So, I am a Single Kenyan Girl that live in Nairobi.

I am working in a security company and I sell security solutions for companies and privet people. I love my job but I feel like it’s time to find a husband and a new life.

I have an apartment in Nairobi and me and my younger sister live together. She is a student and is soon ready to start work in a local hospital.

So, when she started work she can take care of her self and pay the bills. The best is I am free to move to America or Europe and be your Girlfriend if you want?

So, I can tell you I am an African Girl that love to work and I am I love too cook food and walk around the local food market to find the best spice and meat.

I am the oldest of 4 in my family. We are three sisters and I have one brother that just start school but they live far away from Nairobi.

So, I looking for an older man maybe about 40 years. Fun and open to new things and the culture new type of food and meet new people.

I think you most like Africa and travel to Africa it will be a part of your new life with me as your African Girlfriend.

So, I hope you love my photo and want to talk more to me. here or on one of the dating site they have here on our partners. Hug Gheche

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