Ethiopian Girl – Zoya

HI! My name is Zoya and I am an Ethiopian Girl that looking for a boyfriend. I am a big and wonderful Ethiopian Girl with a body that you can love.

I know I am a big girl but I also know that guys love us too. It’s not only that skinny Girl with the big silicon boobs that guys love.

Guys, I have the big heart of love, I have the big boobs too that I hope you will love and I have a body that can make love.

Also, Life is more than love. I love to cook food and in my family, we have all parts of Africa. I don’t know why but we have a big family. My dad and his brothers travel a lot.

So, the have wives from many other African Country we are a mixed family. So we take the best from all the African food and keep it in the family.

So, I have my mom that is from Zambia and dad is from Ethiopia. But I call my self for an Ethiopian Girl and that is what I am in my heart.

So, I am looking for a boyfriend that is sweet and at the same time a strong man. I hope you love Africa and African people.

I hope you also love African food soo I can cook for you. American or European food I don’t know much about but I hope you can learn me cook a bit more.

So, can I bee you a big and wonderful Girlfriend? If you want that send me a message or come and look for me on the African dating site I find here. Hug Zoya

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