African Girl With Big Boobs

Hi! Guys, I am Isabis African Girl With Big Boobs but now one that will love them. So, I get my sister to take some nude photos on me.

Ha Ha Ha She not know what I will do with them. But I need a Boyfriend that loves an African Girl With Big Boobs like my Boobs and loves to play with me in the shower.

Also, I love to find a Boyfriend that loves Africa. I travel a lot. So, just now my family lives in Soth Africa but we are a mixed African family.

I see like all Africa is my home and there is so much culture and history in Africa all from slavery to Gold and diamonds and much much more.

I am in the gold trade and there is where I make my money. But I love history and I love books and I know Slavery still exists in Africa.

I hope in time it will end and be history. But let’s go back to me and my shower lets dream about love and my sexy Boobs and body.

So, I looking for a good man maybe that love to go to the church as I do. But also, a man that likes to live a life in speed, travel and experience new lifestyle.

like I say my family is a big mix of people American, Sweden, Gambia, Kenya, and so on. So, I have many sisters and Two brothers.

So, My mom is from The Gambia, and my dad is from South African and the Swedish line. I can tell you more later if you want to know?

But for now, I just want to talk to you I have profiles on this website and the African that they have here on Single Girls Cupid. Hug Isabis

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