African The Gambia

Hello! Sorry for the late blog post, I just returned from My first trip to the Gambia in Africa was awesome and everyone was nice and polite. I did not know what is awaiting me but went with open eyes the first thing I was covered up does not go to the Gambia without a Visa card that is the only card that works in ATMs in the Gambia.

It is poor but some things are expensive, others are sheep but is more expensive and in Thailand. It is more expensive to think so anyway I am. But I understand that people think about The Gambia and the people there. They are Muslims and there are Christians in The Gambia.

It’s very easy to meet nice and good Africa Girls in the Gambia if you want but as always, you should be careful when you do not know the person you just met, keep your credit cards, passport, Download GPS tracking app to your mobile and so on in the hotel safety box and only keep money for one day in the pocket.

I have heard that The Gambia has an extremely low crime rate and I feel that it was very safe, and people were very concerned about my safety it was so nice. I Love Gambia and hope I can see more of the country during the next trip. Admin

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