Tanzanian Girls – Ayo

A Good Tanzanian Girl in Dar
Hello! I am a Tanzanian Girl who lives in Dar and I have a small restaurant in Dar. I am 30 years old Tanzanian Girl I meeting my great love in AfroIntroductions. I meet with Hans is an older one nice man with dreams of Tanzania. I was a 21 year Tanzanian Girl when I married him and we were happy.

We were lucky in our lives, I won the lottery and we could make our dream come true to move to Tanzania to build houses in my village and buy a nice house in Dar where I now live. Late one night two police officers and explains that my husband was no more.

I cannot talk about the accident. But now he is resting at home in his village Home Cemetery in Germany. I gave his brother in Germany. I just took some photos I wanted and a few small things. Money has never been an interest to me.

So now it has been 3 years and I feel it is getting empty and I have to do something to not live a single the rest of my life. I am a happy Tanzanian Girl who loves life. I am a Tanzanian Girl who likes to work because it gives me the joy to see my business grow.

I do not need to work if I do not want to but there is no life. I love my little restaurant where my husband taught me how to cook real German food a long time ago. I am looking for someone who is a few years older and want to stay in Tanzania or already living here.

I am looking for someone who wants to marry you and live with me; maybe you’ve lost the one you love and looking for meaning in life again. Maybe we can meet here in Dar or take someone to a place you’ve dreamed about here in Tanzania.

I am looking for a man who respects my memories of my husband. I promise that if you are the right one, I will give you all of my heart that you need. Big Hug Ayo

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