Russian Girls – Tanya

Russian Girl Tanya
HI! My name is Tanya I am a single Russian Girl I live in ST Petersburg and work in a restaurant as a waitress a year ago I sing up on Russian to find a good man that not drink like a Russian man.

I meet a good German man and he say he go to Moscow on business and holiday for 2 weeks and wonder if I want to meet him. I was so in love with him so I ask my boss for 2 weeks of and it was not a problem.

Helmut Pay the Air ticket and give me the name on the hotel that he book for us. I was so happy we have the best weeks in my life to the last day.

He pay the room already and he say you can sleep her tonight your flight go tomorrow and her is your money a 1000 Euro he give me. I ask for what? He say is your salary for this time.

I start to cry and I say you not love me and he say no but you have a sexy body and nice boobs and he left me. A month later my friend say she see some sexy photos on me on internet.

I think he put them online for people to see not fun. I find single Girls cupid and was thinking maybe I can find a good man on this web site that want more than just sex and play with my boobs.

Hope you like my photo is one of the photos he post online and as a friend say a sexy body sell and I hope it will give me a bigger chance to meet a good man.

I am a good Russian Girl Pleas not think I am a bad Girl. I hope you understand and give me a chance to show my real me. Hug Tanya ST Petersburg you can find me on Russian

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