Dominican Girls – Zapata

HI! My name is Zapata and I am a Single Dominican Girl. I see this web site and I like to try it. I just start to date is my mom that is a bit crazy.

She says if you do not find a man soon you will end up with a Dominican man and you will be like me. No dreams and 10 children ha ha ha.

Mom is a mom right she loves me I know but is a time like she says. It’s time to move get a man change country and lifestyle. All new is scary for me.

I a Dominican Girl that love travel and I love to work with music. I sing, and I work in some clubs in a band. I love to meet a man that can sing and play with me.

I love cooking and I love fish so I hope I can find I am that love the sea. Maybe you later in life want to live in the Dominican and slow down when you get older.

I think is what I want to do. Move abode and find a life and when the time is a right move back and get old together with my husband.

And my children can come a have fun on the holiday. So what you think and what do you want in your life. Send me a mail and let us dream a bit about now and in the future. Hug Zapata

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