Cuban Girls – Elisa

HI! I am a single Cuban Girl and it’s the first time I try this website. It’s looking so fun and I love the look in this dating website.

I come to this place to try to find an American Boyfriend. I think its new times and soon we can travel to America on a visa I hope.

So, let me tell you a bit about my life I have to work in a shop and I live near the sea so at the weekend. I take my bike and go to the beach.

I love the waves and to sit on the beach and look out over the ocean. I love poetry and I read as often as I can.

I am a Cuban Girls that maybe think too much on the future and I am the romantic Cuban Girl that love flowers. So I looking for a man that loves to be a bit romantic a bit older maybe.

Maybe you love poetry like me so we can talk all night about life and love and end up in … and in the morning we see the sun go up. Hope to see your mail soon. Hug Elisa

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