Colombian Girls – Paula

Colombian Girl Paula
HI! I am Paula a Single Colombian Girl that lives in Cartagena. I am a young Colombian Girl from Bogota I work as a model and do a lot of shows for cars and other I do some products.

I dream to work as I want to become a professional model photographer so when I do not work I go and study. I look on Top models and think I like to take that photo.

I want to travel the world to take that photo and I would do it this way and so on. I am a Colombian Girl that loves to paint and I love art.

I spend the night’s painting and some time I go out and take some photos of the nightlife in Cartagena to take home to paint a painting with help of my photos.

So this is much of my good life but I am a Single Colombian Girl and I like to try to find a good European man to live with. I look for a man with much love that can hug me and spend much time with me.

I hope that someone will see this and think I can be a good match in their life I hope someone thinks this young Colombian Girl would be someone I want to meet.

If you are the man I talk about to send me a mail and I know I can make you a happy man. I hate fights and all that you can have in a bad relationship so I love smile’s I love to be happy I love sweet words from the man I love. Hug Paula

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