Brazilian Girls – Laura

HI! I am a Single Brazilian Girl and I live in a small city but Is good. It’s the first time I try a dating site like this.

Seems like a good place to try the other way to find love. My language skill is Portuguese and some Spanish and I talk English too, but my spelling is a bit bad, so I hope to google help me a bit.

I work in an office and in my free time, I do some model work for a friend. I Am looking for an American Husband I Think that want to meet a Brazilian Girlfriend.

I have a good life in Brazil. But the Single Life is not for me. I need to give love to someone. Also, I need to get love flowers and kiss and hug for a man that I love.

I believe in the marriage and I love to have a family in the future, so you know. Let’s see what will happens.

Do you want to be a part of my life? send me your story and your life so we can see if we can be together in the future. Hug Laura


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