Brazilian Girls – Lara

HI! I am Lara and I am a 23-year-old Brazilian Girl from Ceara. I am in Rio de Janeiro and work as a maid for a wealthy Brazilian Family that suits me well for the day,

I study and after school so I help to cook and clean in my Brazilian family’s house. I have been lucky to have found such a great Brazilian Family that wants me to study and gets a good life.

But now I reach the end of my studies and I would love to meet a foreign man because I’m a single Brazilian Girl. When I finish my school I may be moved home to Ceara to my mom and dad and my brother and my little sister.

I hope I can meet a man here on who wants to meet a Brazilian Girl. I hope you are a good and Fun man and like to have fun and travel and enjoy meeting new people and enjoy the life in Brazil. Big Hug Lara

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