Brazilian Girls – Clara

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
HI! My name is Clara i am a single Brazilian Girl. As you know it’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil and I meet so many good people from all over the world.

So I have been looking on some internet for a good website I find fast the Brazilian Cupid And I am a member on this website but I find Single Girls Cupid to and I was thinking is look good for me too.

I work in a web and marketing company in Brazil and I do a lot of designee for my company and I love my work. So I like to go out and Dance likes all Brazilian People. I love music and I love a good Book.

I am not that Brazilian Girl that is on Facebook and internet 24 hours a day. But an hour a day before I go to bed and sleep I took my mail and talk to my friends on Skype.

I look for a good man for American or European man. I meet so many nice people from Europe the last week the look happy and the smile.

I hope you are about 40 years old I like older men they know what they want in their life. So send me a mail if you want to talk to me and we see if we can meet in the future. Hug Clara

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