Ukrainian Girls – Vesna

Vesna a Ukrain Girl
HI! I am Vesna a Ukrainian Girl and I live in Kiev. I work in a small shop and on my free time I do a lot of Dance I love to dance and I love Dance Jazz and I love cooking good food.

I come from Odessa but I get a job in Kiev and now I live her. My family still live in Odessa and the have a good life.

My friend fined Single Girls a long time ago and I didn’t know she send her story to this web site. But she will go to Germany next week.

She meet a German man and I was thinking if my friend have good luck with love. I hope my friend soon get married. So I hope you are that man that I can get in love with.

A man with a big smile and that love dance and be out with people. I hope you don’t drink much and you not smoke but if you smoke pipe is ok.

I love that it take me back to the days when my grandfather was alive, he smoke pipe when I was a young Girl. So send me a mail and a photo and tell me more about you. Hug Vesna

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