Ukraine Girl – Anne

HI! I am a Single Ukraine Girl and I looking for love and a Long-time relationship. My name is Anne and I am a 25 year old Ukraine Girl.

It’s my first time out on this website and I hope it will help me to get a date. Like all Ukraine Girls, I am on Ukraine But I need more space it’s too many Girls on all dating sites.

I need love and a want to meet an American man. I wish a have an American husband and true love. I live outside a smaller city and my family has a farm with cows and some chicken.

And we have big farmland and some forest and a small lake where we can fish. I love fishing and I love to go out with my dad in the small lake in the small rowing boat.

We fish Pike and perch about 2 times a week that we smoke and sell to a small shop in town. I have a great life here with my family.

But I don’t want to have a husband that drink vodka and don’t work like some of the guys do here. So, let’s us talk and see what happen. Hug Anne

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