Russian Girls – Misha

Misha a Russian Girl (Small)
HI! I am Misha a single Russian Girl that live in the North part of Russia. I live and my family lives on nature and we have small groups of Russian tourists who come here to fish, from salmon to Pike.

I’m looking for a boyfriend an American or a European who wants to live a good life with fishing and we can develop our business to hunting, survival courses, and much more.

I have 2 brothers that love hunting the are x military so I know the will help us to make all to a success. So what you get? You get me, my heart, a new life, Fishing all day, endless nature,

in the winter so we can go snowmobiling, and in the summer we have the ATV that I love driving. The door is open to my heart if you are the right one. if you like you can come and meet me and fish with me. Hug Misha

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