Russian Girls – Kasana

Russian Girl Kasana
HI! My name is Kasana and I am a Russian Single Girl that lives in Russia in Omsk. I work in a mini market now for 3 years now is a good job for me and I have many friends come and talk to me all the time.

Is like this I get to know about is was a lady that says a cousin from Moscow that find a good American man on this web site.

So I was thinking I maybe can have the same luck for Russian man drink too much Russian Vodka is the Russian way of life. But the men die early and I want to have a man I can be living a long life with.

So I looking for a European man or American man or maybe an Australian man for I love the sun and I love the Sea. I love to fishing and all about Nature pick Mushroom and I love to cook them and make good food.

I don’t smoke so I hope you don’t smoke to or think that you can stop do that for me if you want to live with me. Is the only thing I will ask from you I not like people that try to control other people.

I see my sister have a life like that is not fun is a hell to live like that. Is ok to say I don’t think is good. But to say you must do this way and so on it’s not a life.

I know that the man I will meet and love will be a good man so I am not worried and if I move abroad. I will need to learn a new life.

So is no problem if you say doesn’t go when it’s a red light, I not do that I will be a good girl ha ha ha and do what my BF says. Hug Kasana

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