Russian Girls – Anya

Russian Girl Anya
HI! I am Anya a Russian Girl that lives in Moscow I work as a Guide in Moscow and is a good work. Today I was with a older German couple and I show them the Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

I think the love it and we take them around Moscow I usually ask what it is most interested in and give my clients a couple of choices.

It’s always fun to meet new people and sometimes get new friends to talk to and learn new things from. I spend much time on the internet and I find single Girls Cupid.

I was thinking I can meet someone that can be more than a friend someone I can love with all my heart. I am a Russian Girl from Ivanovo and my family still lives in Ivanovo.

But my life is in Moscow and I only go to Ivanovo 1 or 2 times a year so I don’t see my family much but I talk to my family 2-3 times a week so they know I am ok.

I am a happy Russian Girl that always smile and I never care about money is not a problem in my life I win on the Russian lottery so my work in Moscow is more for fun and is something I love to do.

But I hope I can find a good American or European man to live with and I hope he is fun and has a kind heart. I can think of to move from Moscow to another country if my boyfriend wants it.

But I think is something we most talk about and it most feels right for me. But a trip to see how life in your country is ok for me I think. Hug Anya

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