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Vietnamese Girls Tam
HI! My name is Tam and I am a Vietnamese Girl that live in HCMC where I have a good work in a doctor clinic . I do all the paper work and I help the doctor when he need help.

But I have a lot of time that I can go online and look around on the internet. I look for blogs and I ended up on this dating blog and I was thinking what can happen if I try this web site? A new life abode.

I see some stories about Vietnamese Girls that go to a dating agency and get sold to a man in Asia and the most be the perfect wife and Virgin.

I want to have some freedom but I think the internet dating is little like A bit like the old day’s marriage arrangement.

I most give my boyfriend all the power over my life and he must learn to listen to the girl that he finds online. Is hard but I hope I can do that and find a good life and love will come to a friend say.

I ask her about her marriage with her husband that the family make her get married to. So I looking for a man they want to have Vietnamese Girlfriend and want a long time relationship and get married to.

I am a Vietnamese Girl that love cooking Vietnamese food and I love good music and I love dogs. So I let you be the one that contacts me. I hope you are nice and have a good heart. I have an older sister in Florida so you know. Hug Tam

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