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A Vietnam Girl
HI! My name is Nhu I am a single Vietnamese Girl and I live in Hai Pong. I have a small photo studio on the back side of my home. I love my work and what I can do with my camera and my computer. I love the digital camera for you just delite the bad photos and keep the good.

I have an old black and white photo camera that was my grandfather I love that too but it gives me more work and I mostly go into the darkroom to get my photos.

This is what I love to do is my dream life but I have one problem I am single and I want to find love. So I try to look for a good man that wants to be a part of my life I don’t need to live in Vietnam.

But I like to keep this part of my life that I care about and is my camera and what I work with. I will miss my family if I move abroad.

But is a new life you get married and you get a new life and I can always call and go home on the holiday as a friend of my do.

She is married to an American man and I hope I can meet a man like her husband. So send me a mail so I can give you my Skype so we can start to talk. Hug Nhu

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