Vietnamese Girls – Hang

HI! I am a Vietnamese Girl that looking for that special man that is Kind and good and a bit romantic. I live in a small village up in a mountain.

My family has a small rood restaurant that sells food to people that pass by. My name is Hang I live a fast life cooking and do all think you can do in a restaurant.

I cooking, clean, prepare food, and shopping on the local market. I just finished school and I love to work with food in the future.

I know you don’t need to have a 5 star restaurant to cook good food. I see it happen in Bangkok and other cities. I believe I can do to.

My teacher tells me I can cook good and the place I cook in that my school sends me to be was happy and give me a good degree on my cooking. I want to be a superstar.

So, I am looking for a man that have dreams and want to help me to be the best I can be. Where I don’t know? Where will love to take me?

I am a bit afraid for the future can you make me feel safe. Where will you take me? Send me a message so I can find love. Hug Hang

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