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Bian a Vietnam Girl
HI! I am Bian a Single Vietnam Girl living in Saigon. I work in a shopping center as security Guard I look so people not get to much free stuff in bags and other places 55555. I look for shoplifting people is fun to see all new ways people try to get stuff out of the shop.

Vietnam Guys that put on a T-shirt too much and try to go out without paying, Vietnam Girls that come inside the shop without a bra and try to walk out with three bras on like today.

In my work I see much is not always fun but that life. I find one day at work I see one story about a Thai Girl and the next click I was on the website.

So why not I am a Single Vietnam Girl and I hope I can find an American man or an Australian man like my sisters did. I am a happy Vietnam Girl that love music I love old music from the 70 and around that years.

I love the Animals and the House of the Rising Sun and all that music I love Thai Music to but old music and disco are good to listen on and sometimes I go down to the tourist place in Saigon to dance and have fun.

But sometimes you get a drunken man asking for sex and are not fun. I have a good work I, not a working Girl. Men are like crazy they think just on sex and get the Vietnam lady’s in bed but that’s life for a Vietnam Girl.

So I looking for you that think a life with a Vietnam Girlfriend is more than sex and squeeze my sexy boobs. I want to meet you. I hope you like to send me your photo and your mail and skype so we can start to talk. I hope my English is not too bad for you. Sincerely Bian

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