Thai Life – Song Kran 2014

Song Kran I Mobile Stadion 2014
HI! This is a live story from Thailand and Buriram I am in Thailand to look for new Thai Girls to my blog and have some holyday in Thailand to.

Song Kran is the Thai New Year time in Thailand is the hottest time of the year but the most fun time of the year in Thailand.

Is about 5 days celebration by throwing water at each other celebration by throwing water at each other and many go around with their pickups with people on the back.

The put a large water barrel to throw water on other cars and the people on the back and people all have fun. Thailand is crazy at this time a year is a way I love it so much.

I sit in a bar full of farangs is people from Europe that is on a holiday or live in this small Thai village that I am in now.

Is about 15 or more it’s hot like hell but the beer is good and good food some people are fishing in the pound. So I hope you will have a good day like me.

I am sorry for all the days I do not add a new story I hope I soon will give you all a new story with some hot Girls. Best Regards Admin

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