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Por in Korat
HI! I am Pat and I am a 25 year old Thai Girl I live in Korat and I work in a Thai factory. I find Singlegirlscupid one night when I was online on my tablet.

I was hoping I can find a good and kind man on this website. Is the first time I try internet dating but many of my Thai friends are dating online and talk to guys from all over the world.

But not me I little worried not about the first part of the dating but to meet the man that you learn to love for the first time.

The thing I am worried about is The First Kiss, The First Hug and all that other part of love and dating on the internet.

I have some Thai Friends that are happily married so I hope I can be a lucky Thai Girl that find love online. So I hope you see me and think I can be your dream Thai Girl and I hope you soon want to talk to me.

So what can I tell you more? I work in this factory my family live in Surin I am the only Thai Girl in my family and I have 4 brothers that I love.

I love reading books and I love painting. I paint with pencils I like the contrast and depth you can get when you paint with the dark Graphite Pencils.

I love to be with my family and my mom and cook Thai food and the best is family dinners we sit and eat and talk is what I miss in Korat.

I just stay in the room with 3 other Thai Girls and we look on the TV to a good movie or Series. I hope you soon send me a mail and tell me about your life and what happens in your life.

I dream about love and to get to know that man that will be my love that mani will be married to in the end. Now I just wait for your mail. Hug Por

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