Thai Girls – Pikun

Pikun in Thai Girl
Hi! I am Pikun I am a young Thai Girl. I live in Chiang Mai my mom married an American man and the build this house for my mom and now the live in Chiang Mai and the happiest people in the world. So when I find I start to dream what can be my dream.

Can I be that Thai Girl like my mom? Can I find love on the internet or most I go from Chiang Mai to Pattaya or Phuket like many Thai Girls do? I hope not I hope that someone sees my photo and like it and want to come and meet me.

Chiang Mai is so nice I love to take you around show you all the temples and the nature around Chiang Mai I hope I can meet an American man like my mom did.

I like to meet a kind man that love to smile and want to meet a happy Thai Girl with a big Heart a Thai Girl with a big smile and that like to talk Ha Ha Ha maybe too much sometime.

I hope I am a dream Thai Girlfriend that you want to meet. So if we start talking a little and maybe you will be the lucky who might want to come to Thailand and meet me. Hug Bee

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