Thai Girls – Nook

Nook in Chiang Mai
HI! I am Nook a 25-year-old Thai Girl That live in Chiang Mai but I come from Tak. I work in a Laboratory in a hospital in Bangkok and me and my Thai friends are the one that making and control samples that the doctor has done.

Is a good work but you think much of the people that you know to get the bad news. But am not much I can do and life is like that.

But I find some days ago and I start to think about love and I start to dream about someone to hug and kiss and do all that romantic things like go on the cinema and go out and eat in a nice place.

Or just be home with a lot of candles in a dark room and hug the one you love. All the things I miss in my life and maybe you are missing all this and more.

I hope I am the Thai Girl that waiting for you and I hope you that read this want to try and see if Cupid has a love for us. So send me your Skype and I will add you on my Skype and we can start to talk. Hug Nook

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