Thai Girls – Namka

Namka in Phuket
Hi! I am Namka a single Thai Girl that lives in Phuket I have a company that take care and maintains apartment and house for people on their holyday home in Phuket.

Is much work but is fun and I love Phuket and the Sea. I look for a Farang as we say about an American or European man that want to come and live in Phuket and be my BF.

I hope we can find love and we can grow my company to be bigger so we can live in my company. I hope I can find a good match on and I hope someone wants to go and live in paradise.

I know my friends in Phuket that have Farang man say the husband never want to go back to the old life back home. So do you have dreams? I have hoped you want to be a part of my dreams in Thailand with me. Hug Namka

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