Singapore Girls – Yi Ling

Yi Ling a Singapore Girl
HI! I am Yi Ling 24 year old Singapore Girl and I live in Singapore and I find Single Girls Cupid on an internet café. I don’t know who it was that was looking on Single Girls Cupid.

But I love this web site and I hope I can find a kind man to get deeply in love with and get a good family with when the time come to have a family.

But for now I just looking for a man that loves to meet that special Singapore Girl that he can love like me. I am a Happy Singapore Girl That work in a shopping center.

I help people to find the right shop and the right way to the place they want to go. It what I do all day when I not dream about love and the man I maybe can meet on Single Girls Cupid.

So I hope that the next year will be the year when my new life start and your new life start to. Maybe you come to Singapore and meet me and after you see my home and meet my Singapore family.

You maybe want to take me home to you and let me meet your home and your family and friend. I hope you want to let me be a big part of your new life. Hug Yi Ling

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