Singapore Girls – Kelly

Kelly a Singapore Girl
HI! I am Kelly and I am a Single Singapore Girl that lives in Singapore and I work in Changi Airport I work in the check in disk and I meet 1000 of new people very day.

Some time I think on the day I meet my prince, my big love but I know is just a dream. But you need dreams to live, dreams about love, Dreams about the future, Dream about the Lotto and so on.

I don’t know if this is the right thing to do but I Dream about Love and a Boyfriend to Love and live with so is way I want to try Single Girls

So if you want to meet a Singapore Girl like me you just need to send me a mail and a photo and tell me about you and what you have on your heart and your dreams about love and what you dream about.

You and me and all that you dream about and I know is hard I know is Hard to send this story for me to. But some time you most try.

I don’t care about look I have a friend she marry a Big American man she was always looking for the hot sexy BF but in the end she married the big man with a big belly.

She says are her Teddy bear and you can see her eyes are the truth. The Hart is the only thing you most care about. So send me that mail. Hug Kelly

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