Malaysian Girls – Anis

Anis a Malaysian Girl
HI! I am a Single Malaysian Girl I Live in Kuala Lumpur I work in a big water Park I work as a Life Guard so I look so all people are safe and I take care of small accidents that happen from time to time when children play and have fun.

But I want to see the world and live abroad so why not does a crazy thing put a story on It must be 100 of guys that want to meet Single Malaysian Girls I just hope I am the Malaysian Girl the looking for.

I hope I am fun happy Malaysian Girl that loves water and the sea I love to travel and I love to work. I travel around Asia but I love to see Europe and snow I know they have snow in Scandinavia or The Alps in Austria or France.

I love to learn to ski maybe you want to be my teacher so send me a mail and tell me about your life and why do you want me to move to you and become your Girlfriend. Hug Anis

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