Malaysia Girls – Wani and Chan

Wani and Chan (Small)
Hi! We are Wani and Chan and a week ago we see Aini waking down the street with a foreign man. We follow her and this man to a coffee shop and we say HI! Aini

She stop and turn around she smile and was so happy and then she say this is Peter this is my Boyfriend from America. We was so surprised Wani and an American man how did that happen?

Peter say to Wani tell your friend to come and drink coffee with us I love to meet your friends. Peter took care of us and we all had a nice time at the café.

We ask who did you meet Aini and Peter tell us all about Single Girls Cupid and now I am in Malaysia to help my Girlfriend to make the visa so she can go with me to America.

I will stay her for 2 month and do some computer work for my company so is great to find Aini and get to know her before we go to my home in Florida and is good that I have the chance to meet all her family to peter say.

So now we sit and drink and dream about love and we was thinking we most try Single Girls cupid and see if we can have the same luck as over friend.

So are you single and want to meet one of us single Malaysian Girls that looking for a long time relationship. We are 2 Malaysian Girls that love dance and we love to go to the shopping center and looking around.

We work in a Hair Salon where we do all from Hair to Nails. Over families live in the country side and we come from the same village and is why we hope we maybe can meet 2 brothers or friends.

We hope you and your friend want to have 2 Malaysian Girlfriends so we all can go on holidays together and still spend all time together is over dream but is okay if you not have a friend to contact us.

We hope you send us a mail and a photo on you and your friend and we see what can happen maybe you will come to Malaysia on a Holiday to meet us for real we can show you around is so nice here you will love Malaysia. Hug Wani and Chan

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