Korean Girls – Hana

Hana a Korean Girl
HI! I am Hana from Seoul I am a 22 year old Korean Girl. I live in the central Seoul with my Korean family we have a small family company.

We have a good life in Seoul but I am a Single Korean Girl and I am a member of Koreancupid.com but when I find Singlegirlscupid.com I start to think is can be a good way to meet a good man.

I hope I can meet an American or European man to have a long time relationship with I talk with some guys but it sounds like the only want to have sex and fast.

AND THAT IS NOT ME I am a good Korean Girl and I DON’T like that style of guy. So I hope the people on Singlegirlscupid.com have a big heart and want to find real love not only free sex for one night.

I think they are men that think like me with the heart and are that man I want to meet. So if you are about 30 maybe up to 40 year old and want to meet me a Good Korean Girl Send me a mail with your photo and your E mail address and some short message to me and I will contact you. HUG from Hana

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