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Maya a Indonesian Girl 1
HI! Last night I was on internet and I find Single Girls Cupid. I was looking for a new Indonesian Dating site to have my profile on. I am member on IndonesianCupid as many Indonesian Girls are.

But now I find this website and I love the idea to do a story about me. So okay my name is Maya and I am an Indonesian Girl that comes from Jakarta.

I work in a Hotel and I do marketing and booking is a big work and is fun. I love the internet and all the things you can do. I love books and I love romantic stories I love to cook good Indonesian Food and Sea Food.

I love to sport and I love to play pool and I just start to play snooker is hard but fun. I do not have many friends and I am a Single Indonesian Girl.

I looking for an American or Australian man to get married or have a long time relationship to. I looking for a man that has a big heart and love to smile and love to have an Indonesian Girlfriend to hug every day.

I look for a romantic man that can make me feel special and loved all the time. Send me a mail so we can meet. Hug Maya

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